Made in Turkey by Theory”

Turkey is one of the leading countries in carbon fiber production and Theory is one of the manufacturers realizing the game. We produce the future with the combinations of our National potentials and experience.

Original Carbon Fiber

We get the best carbon thread and fabric from the best suppliers. We do not compromise on quality for high class products. We produce %100 original real fiber shaft.

Flament Winding Tecnique

We have all the details at hand. Thanks to the Flament winding tecnique, we caw decide on the flexibility, swiftness and all the other details of the shaft. The flexible structure gradually decreasing from the fiber part to the connection part, is the proof of our difference.

Stable and Sustainable

No room for surprises in our shafts. Every shaft we produce has the same structure and features. Unless of course you ask for a different one.

SB Tech

With "Sound-Block" technology, we minimize the unwanted voices with our special material inside. And let the shaft hit like a wood that we get used to.

Zero-V Tech

We apply special gel to inner side of shaft and keep the vibration at the lowest level. Zero-Vibration technology enables you to hit more straightly and accurately.

D-Low Tech

All of us prefer to hit the ball with the thickness as targeted. Deflection-Low techonolgy let you achieve this with optimum flexibility.

Matte Appearance

Our shafts are Matte and smooth to eliminate any distractions. There is no paint and coating in our shafts. All you have to do is to focus on the game.