“I have just got a new theory of eternity.” Albert Einstein

Everything started with a journey of our founder Mehmet Gören to USA in 2008. When he came back to Turkey, he had an extensive know-how about cue making, knowledge about woods and construction but above all a Theory.

We work non-stop for producing the new, durable but elegant cues by combining them with unique mastership of Ali Rıza Yıldırım; making them available to the entire World from USA to Korea. Ali Rıza, combines his own designs and perfect workmanship while producing our glittering models that capture the hearts at first view. Our job is to realize our customer’s dreams. Promise is everything for us, we stand behind our word. By this way “Being the most popular and trusted cue brand.” is what our vission since the beginning.

While this process we’ve never given up paying regard to our values; business environment, human love, happiness and all these work disciplines of Theory are based on common sense. Our greatest asset is our employees to be best at what they do and with Theory Cues by themselves, support the development of each topic to prepare them for the future.

The continuity of the standarts we promised our customers buying for sale without wasting our resources in every link of the chain extending to the point of austerity, we work with an awareness of.

Meanwhile; we do bussines in order to correct locations within easy reach of us. Geography is constantly growing and providing the best, to be always service up-to- date by following the trends and meets different needs we want to be as a Cue brand.

In order to respond necessities of the time and stand behind our words, we develop and use special techniques and Technologies. We produce the handmade cues you’ll be fascinated with strength and balance of them by using DFT (Drill Fit Technology) which is developed by us for only Theory cues production process, special for you.

At the end of the process which is far from factory-made, we wish you to feel special with our custom models which make billiards more exciting.


We are a big family, Join us! Have a Theory!